2011 Midwest KM Symposium - Insights needed - Sep. 13 in Cleveland #call-for #conferences

Stan Garfield

From: Karla Phlypo-Price karla.s.phlypo@...
Subject: Please Join us for our 2011 Midwest KM Symposium - Insights needed


Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to remind you that we will be having our 2011 Symposium in Cleveland Ohio. The event will be sponsored by Kathy Valderrama from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

When: September 13, 2011
Place:  Cleveland Ohio
Address: 1455 East 6th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114-2566
Time: 8:00-4:30 PM
Cost:  None

Go to our Midwest
website for more details.  I will post all insights to our site when they are sent to me.  Also, I will be posting the agenda within the week with the open slots available.   

This year we will be splitting the symposium into three sessions.  Each session will be managed by a different volunteer.  If you have insights that match up with any one of the segments, please contact the segment leader.

I am looking for 2 awesome presenters who would like to present their insights on KM processes (topics are below). 

The deadline for insight submission is August 10th.

Segment One: Managed by Kathleen Valderrama  Contact at: Kathleen.M.Valderrama@...
Topics:  Organizational Development, Motivation and Inspiration, People and Cultural Insights

Segment Two:
Managed by Karla Phlypo Contact at: karla.s.phlypo@...
Topics: Any processes, procedures and/or methods used to motivate, share, acquire, transfer, reuse knowledge and/or learning and collaboration,

Segment Three:
Managed by Curtis Conley  Contact at: cuconley@...
Topics:  Technology - old technology with new uses, future technologies and present day examples of successful uses of  technology


I will be sending out a 'Punchbowl' invitation next week.  If you would be so kind to RSVP using Punchbowl that would be great.  If you are not able to receive Punchbowl at your work email, please send me a separate email with your RSVP.

I am looking forward to receiving your RSVPs and Insights!

Kind regards,
Karla Phlypo-Price
Midwest KM Community