Document Management & Delivery #ratings #content-management #tools #metadata

Stacie Jordan Brenkovich

Hi everyone - I am interested in gathering information around what others are doing around document management and delivery as we evaluate our current position around this. Specifically, I am interesting in the following topics:

- What document management software capabilities are people using for their document repositories (e.g. Sharepoint 2007/2010, IBM FileNet, Documentum, etc.) and how are you finding it to support your needs?

- Do you have any manual, or automated, archival for documents, pages, etc.?

- Do you have a contribution form with a managed taxonomy, and do you have any way to make metadata updates/changes across many documents?

- In terms of document delivery (how end users interact with your documents)
* Are you using some type of document preview capability (e.g. BA Insights Longitude, NewsGator Vizit, other? etc.)
* Can end users rate and comment on documents?
* Do you provide users a way to give a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" to documents as they're seen in search results?
* What's the user experience like for the end user when they find a document they want to review? Are they exposed to all of the metadata of the document at once?
* Can users view documents via mobile devices?

Thank you