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Passing the info below along for those in Chicago who might not already know about this upcoming workshop.


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Colleagues, I apologize for the cross-postings but I want to be sure that anyone in the Chicago area who has an interest in knowledge management, particularly organizational knowledge retention, has a chance to register for this workshop to be held downtown on Tues Oct 8:


Knowledge Transfer: Retaining Expertise When the Experts Leave. Register here.


The afternoon workshop will be conducted by Kathy Hagen, a KM consultant and educator, who will cover knowledge transfer basics as well as the complexities. She’ll also share tools and frameworks for achieving knowledge transfer and discuss their implementation. The workshop will be preceded by a networking lunch. If you are concerned with capturing critical knowledge before it is lost to staff retirements and re-orgs, this workshop is for you.


You can register here:

Learn more here:


This workshop is open to all, so please share this announcement with anyone in  your organization who is involved in KM. Thanks!


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