March 2014 SIKM Call: Accenture's Thomas Hsu and Steve Kaukonen - Get in the Game: Driving Exceptional Behaviours Through Gamification #monthly-call #gamification

Stan Garfield

This is a reminder of tomorrow's monthly call from 11 am to 12 noon EDT.

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Stan Garfield

TO: SIKM Leaders Community

Today we held our 106th monthly call.
Thanks to Thomas and Steve for presenting, to Curtis Conley for recording, to those who participated in the discussion, and to Catherine Shinners and Jeff Hester for tweeting (see below). You can continue the discussion by replying to this thread.

  • 15:54 Catherine Shinners @catshinners "making it stick" collaboration program-leadership support, official recognition, tying to performance mgmt, constant comms #kmers
  • 15:49 Catherine Shinners @catshinners Recognize broadly to motivate broadly @ThomasHsuACN #gamification program @accenture (250k employees) #kmers
  • 15:48 Catherine Shinners @catshinners real time feedback-key to help sustain motivation (instead of quarterly acknowledgement) in #gamification program @accenture #kmers
  • 15:44 Catherine Shinners @catshinners @accenture Important to have a range of #gamfication design elements - different people respond to varied options #kmers
  • 15:38 Catherine Shinners @catshinners continuous motivation elements-crucial to ongoing engagement not just quarterly metrics @accenture on #gamification #kmers
  • 15:32 Catherine Shinners @catshinners @accenture-three areas of focus for employees for collaboration-connect, contribute & champion-#gamification used to support #kmers
  • 15:26 Catherine Shinners @catshinners @accenture is thinking through how @gamification can be part of a larger change strategy #kmers
  • 15:25 Catherine Shinners @catshinners question - how does #gamifcation work with change management and OD strategies? #kmers
  • 15:23 Catherine Shinners @catshinners advances in game mechanics insight from neuroscience, psychological have made #gamification a much more sophisticated tool #kmers
  • 15:20 Catherine Shinners @catshinners intrinsic motivators more powerful, support more sustained behavior change - social connectedness, autonomy, learning #kmers
  • 15:18 Catherine Shinners @catshinners @accenture places #gamification within the context of a larger behavior change framework @ThomasHsuACN
  • 15:15 Catherine Shinners @catshinners today's workforce is shifting to a #game -infused culture
  • 15:14 Catherine Shinners @catshinners #Gamification has taken hold since 2010 - neuroscience, behavioral economics, psychology of motivation
  • 15:07 Jeff Hester @jeffhester Here's a link to the #gamification slides for the #SIKM call:… #KM #kmers
  • 15:05 Catherine Shinners @catshinners Using gamification to motivate collaboration #sikm @ThomasHsuACN how do we create a culture of collaboration across the organization" #kmers
  • 15:04 Stan Garfield @stangarfield SIKM Leaders Community Call on #gamification has just begun. Details at… #kmers
  • 15:03 Catherine Shinners @catshinners Getting ready for conversation on talk of gamification at Accenture with SIKM talk "Driving exceptional behaviors with gamification" #kmers
  • 15:02 Jeff Hester @jeffhester Listening in on this month's #SIKM call with Thomas Hsu from Accenture talking about #gamification