October 21 SIKM Call: Lee Romero on Yammer Groups and Business Value - Does size matter? #Yammer

Stan Garfield

TO: SIKM Leaders Community

Today we held our 113th monthly call.
One question was sent to me via email:
  • Q: Lee mentioned the COP Health check that Deloitte conducts.  Have you ever posted this health check?  We’re continuing to try and build communities and thought this could be a component of our process going forward.
  • A: See slide 10 in 10 Tips for Leading Communities

Thanks to Lee for presenting, to Joel Muzard for recording, to those who participated in the discussion, and to Mary Abraham, Howie Cohen, Gary Riccio, Joe Raimondo, and Joel Muzard for live tweeting. You can continue the discussion by replying to this thread.

Stan Garfield

This is a reminder of tomorrow's monthly call from 11 am to 12 noon EDT.