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Arthur Shelley

Hi Stan, Andre and KMers,


Just a little more detail on my visit to see if I can touch base with KMers along the way.

The itinerary is still forming around a few workshops I will be facilitating and a conference at the end, with some fluidity.

I have not been to Detroit or Chicago and am keen to find an excuse to go there.

Would love to interact with KM forums in any of these cities around these dates (sharing not selling!).


I understand that this is not the best time to be passing through and perhaps not so convenient for many, especially with Independence Day (4/7) and Canada Day (1/7).

I apologise for this, it is just what I have available given my other commitments both there and back home in Australia.

However, let’s see what opportunities can arise for sharing ideas…


What I know so far:

LA June 22/23 (SET: Creative metaphor behaviour workshops - internal organisation)

Washington DC June 25/26 (SET: Knowledge leadership workshops for NASA)

Montreal June 27-30 (set), early July semi fluid?

Potentially Detroit or Chicago July 1-3?  (or perhaps after Boston - July 8-10 which remains flexible?)

Boston July 6/7 (Most probably set)

Washington DC July 11-15 (SET Leadership Education conference)

Departing for Melbourne July 16


Please let me know of there are opportunities to interact around these windows.




Arthur Shelley

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Thanks for sharing this, Arthur.


If you are interested in visiting Detroit in June, I would be glad to host you and introduce you to the other local KM folks.




Stephanie Barnes

Hi Arthur,

If you want to come by Toronto, I'm sure that Connie Crosby, Martin Cleaver, and I can arrange for you to talk with us and/or our Knowledge Workers Toronto group.

Best Regards,

Stan Garfield

Arthur Shelley (from Australia - see below for more about him) will be visiting the US and Canada in June and July. His current schedule is below.

Please reply if you are interested in attending a meeting with Arthur on June 30 or July 1 in Detroit. I would like to host a meeting with local KM folks to meet with Arthur and learn more about his new book, KNOWledge SUCCESSion, building strategic capabilities through aligned knowledge flows. Arthur wants to explore how to bring together the many aspects of effective knowledge leadership to enhance performance.




June 22(Mon)




NASA JPL David Oberhettinger (CKO)

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

June 23 (Tue)



Workshop Yammer, San Francisco Steve Hopkins

1355 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103

June 25 (Thur)

June 26 (Fri)

All day

Workshops NASA (Juan Roman)

Washington, DC

June 27 (Sat)

All day

HEC Summer School Montreal (Luck Stojak)

June29 (Mon)





McGill University (Kimiz Dalkir)

Toronto KM Forum (Connie Crosby)

June 30 (Tue)

July 1 (Wed)



Midwest KM Community  (Stan Garfield)

Detroit, MI

July 2 (Thur)


KM Chicago (Hector Cruz)

July 3 (Fri)


In Chicago

July 6 (Mon)


SIKM Boston (Kate Pugh)

July 7 (Tue)



Boston University Roger Warburton

Steve Leybourne BU

July 8 (Wed)

July 9 (Thurs)

July 10 (Fri)


Washington, DC (Ed Hoffman – NASA)?

Washington KM forum (Bill Kaplan)

David and Alex Bennett? (Mountain Quest Institute)

July 11 (Sat)


Bill Kaplan (Washington)?

July 12 (Sun)

July 15 (Wed)


Association of Leadership Educators Conference

Washington, DC


Arthur Shelley

Intelligent Answers

Founder: The Organizational Zoo Ambassadors Network

Author: The Organizational Zoo & Being a Successful Knowledge Leader

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