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Ivan Orozco

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Hi Stan
Thanks to Ivan for posting the Rio Tinto CoP success story (  This story generated a lot of interest at the time (2008), and there were some magazine articles published that gave further background - I have attached one example.

Although part of this project is confidential, Rio Tinto has put some material into the public domain, for example here is a slideshare presentation that I used at many conferences to describe my work where much of the emphasis is placed on learning from the experience gained from other companies, most notably in the Oil & Gas sector.
One of Rio Tinto's global operations (Rio Tinto Coal Australia) published a book on their experiences with Communities of Practice called "Stories from the Coal Face", which was inspired by Shell's book called "Stories from the Edge".  Fortunately this book was also cleared for publication in the public domain, which I have attached.  It contains the actual transcript of the on-line CoP discussion that resulted in the YouTube success story video, (by the way the video is also available in another 5 languages).
When I led the program (called the RTCF, Rio Tinto Collaborative Forum), there were about 15,000 participants engaged in a portfolio of some 50 CoPs.  The RTCF still exists to this day after 13 years, albeit with very limited support.

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Also, I did some research last year and found the followings CoPs but not found their success stories:
Ivan Orozco
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