A Knowledge Base requirements questionnaire #survey

Maria Svoisky Goldberg

Hi Everybody.

I am new to this group so it is nice to meet you all.

I am currently leading a project of knowledge management reformation in a leading high tech company.

We are currently conducting interviews with employees from all over the company (team leaders, department managers, CSRs, support engineers, technical writers, etc.) in order to better understand their needs from a knowledge base that we are about to establish ( a KB is one of the reformation strategy milestones we are about to implement).

Does any one have a questionnaire that gathers insights on KB processes in an organization and collects functionality requirements from a KB tool?

Thank you in advance.


Phil Verghis

Hi Maria,

Stan reached out and pointed me to your query. Happy to share our experiences doing this for high tech firms around the world. Just connect with me directly.

Heads up: More details below on a specific offering we have that we license to others. Please stop reading if not interested.

We have a KM specific assessment taken by many large enterprises that involves people taking 5 minutes to answer 14 simple questions which uncovers the areas where knowledge will provide the biggest productivity improvement. 

This looks at your organization's culture, technology, people/leadership and processes, in the context of how it impacts knowledge-sharing readiness.  
  • Culture: How open to change is your organization?  
  • Technology: What resources are already in place to support process changes?  
  • People & Leadership: Who benefits and how?  
  • Process: How is your organization set up today, and where are the gaps?  

Outcomes of the Enterprise Assessment:  
  • Identify areas of specific needs and appropriate focus so it is not a ‘one size fits all’ and each group can create/reuse knowledge within the context of their workflow.
  • Establish a baseline from which to measure the success of your knowledge program.
  • See how you compare to other organizations in our benchmark.

You can see a public report at: Benchmark Report: The State of Knowledge Sharing 2015


This should give you an idea of what it would look like.