Business Case for Q+A Service #value

Chuck Farmer

Hi All, 

I’m working on a business case for introducing a Quora/StackOverflow type service for our intranet. (AnsPress, available as a WP plugin). 

Now I know that we know that a system like this is essential for capture, refinement and reuse, but need to make a case. 

Could I ask for any resources that you can point me to so I can sell this? This would be our first social type of KM initiative, so it’s a big leap. I’ve viewed Stan’s resources, and the KM World’s conference resources, but if there’s something special that you would like to share, I would appreciate it. 

 Thank you, 


Ivan Orozco

Hello Chuck,

This presentation, from Deloitte, about selling KM inside the organization could help some ideas for your initiative:


Also, take a look at the conversation #5011 named "Knowledge effort estimates" []. 

I hope this help,
Ivan Orozco

Douglas Kalish

Sounds very exciting, Chuck! I'd start with what your organization's priorities are and from there, tie in the benefits of a Q&A tool. 

For example, if you are working for a company that sells products, then your company probably has a strategic objective to grow by x%. I'd lead with that. Then, you can then weave the story of how an internal Q&A tool will help internal sales reps get answers to customer questions faster and therefore close deals faster. Other possible benefits might be an increase in productivity, since people won't have to chase down answers or ask the same question repeatedly. You may be able to redeploy intranet support resources who are currently keeping some of your intranet pages up-to-date, since answers will be available in a self-service format. Lastly, there's going to be some ROI to be gained around better retention of expertise and minimizing the pain when experts leave your company.

Hope some of those ideas are useful.


Chuck Farmer

Hi Doug and Ivan,


I appreciate the replies, we’re working on getting it all together and making the case. 


Thank you for taking the time,