Retainment of critical knowledge #knowledge-retention

Daan Boom

I didn’t learn new things from this article posted in Sloan Review yesterday and may be useful to have knowledge of it. I do agree with author that social network platforms can play a connecting role but its by far not enough to capture critical knowledge of staff leaving. Especially when the departing colleague didn’t build a legacy on the corporate digital social platform or has other important reasons not to share his social capital. It reminded me of an old saying that if the only tool you have is a hammer you treat everything as if it were a nail. (I think it is from Maslow). 

Often organizations don't know what their staff experience contributes until they leave, taking away their unique knowledge assets. The article (see link below) argues that digital social network platforms, like UNDPs Yammer, have the potential to reshape the relationship between organizations and staff leaving the organization. When used for collaboration, advanced social media platforms can record all interactions between employees and preserve them for later use. And, digital platforms introduce the possibility of redefining the ongoing relationship organizations have with retired staff.