Developing SharePoint for KCS #SharePoint #call-center


Good afternoon all,

I work for a large outsource IT company that has just rolled out a new Office 365-based internal intranet. Uptake has been fairly good, with lots of conversations taking place on Yammer, new connections being made, and cat pictures being Liked.

Within our company we have also been using KCS for several years. Our implementation of KCS has historically been a bit insular - restricted to a small number of Service Desks and operational groups, and restricted to a small toolset. This has contributed to an impression amongst non-KCS participating groups that KCS is 'just for the Service Desk' and 'just for operations'.

Just lately our Knowledge Managers have been putting their heads up and talking to other groups about their wants and needs, and we can see a real opportunity to extend KCS into SharePoint as well. However, our intranet is fairly vanilla, which doesn't make it easy when considering how to embed KCS into it. Vanilla SharePoint on its own doesn't provide the insights, control, or benefits into knowledge creation, reuse, validation, feedback, etc. that we currently have with KCS.

So the question is, are there any good KM\KCS third party apps, documents, resources, SharePoint development tops or just general advice that you can provide that we can consider as we start to talk about how to address the basic methodology elements of KCS within SharePoint?