Creative Melbourne: a Knowledge co-creation event #conferences

Arthur Shelley

Hi SIKM Leaders,

Happy New Year!


I wanted to share this opportunity with you.  If you can’t make it in person, you are most welcome to engage with us through the extensive social media we will be generating. Co-creation is better face to face, but remote also works well in our modern world.


We look forward to your participation, in the room or in the virtual spaces (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Details below - if you want a full  program, please let me know off forum.




I am very excited to invite you to Creative Melbourne. 
This is an amazing event in the heart of Melbourne from Feb 13-15. We have 8 international speakers including senior leaders from NASA, Cirque du Soleil, the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation SE Asia and the former head of leadership development for the Singapore Armed Forces.


·      All sessions are all highly interactive and pragmatic.

·      Participants will go home with the experiences of implementing the ideas and know how to apply them in their personal and professional activities.

·      This event is genuinely for everyone – we can all enhance our performance by more effectively engaging others by applying creative approaches real challenges.

·      Network with like-minded professionals across international disciplines.



The mix of cultures and experience levels of people participating adds diversity and stimulates the creativity in the conversations.

You can attend for a specific day or preferably enjoy the whole experience on discounted full event ticket (split ticket options available).  I have included a link to the event registration page:


This is a great opportunity to extend your network and meet others who are passionate about sustainable future performance enhancement.


Let Cath@... or myself know if you would like to participate with us in this amazing event or have any questions.  Please feel free to share this with members of your network.


Hope to see you at Creative Melbourne or catch you for a coffee soon.


Kind regards

Arthur Shelley

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