ESNs... more than "like" capabilities #ESN


We use Jive here.  It has many "structured outcomes" as they call them.  
  • You can mark a comment in a discussion as "helpful."  Links to helpful comments are aggregated at the top of the discussion so that readers can jump to them.
  • If someone asks a question, a single response can be marked as "correct."  This places a copy of the response directly under the question, with a link to "see this in context" which jumps the reader down to the point in the discussion where the answer was posted.
  • A discussion can be marked as "final."  This collapses the discussion so that only the original post and the correct answer are visible, although there is a link that will allow readers to open it back up to view the full discussion if they want.
  • A document can be marked "official" or "obsolete."  These can be used as filters across the document repository and affect the weight of the search results positively or negatively, respectively.  The "obsolete" designation throws up a flag when someone clicks on a link to the doc, and allows the user to provide a link to content that should be used instead.
These various designations are all configurable as to who can mark what under what circumstances.

Jamie Martino

Hello everyone, 

Is anyone using an ESN (even SP addon) that has more than just a "like" and "share" button, but goes further into "this helped me" or "solved my problem" for content, posts and replies? If so, which one(s) is it?

Many thanks in advance.