KM 501C3 seeks O365 Dynamics CRM Admin #jobs

Edwin K. Morrris

Greetings all forward thinkers.

This is my first post as I am a recent addition to the group.

I am the founder and president of the first KM nonprofit in the US. Pioneer Knowledge Services received its IRS 501C3 designation in 2015. 
Mission: We Inspire Cultures That Value Knowledge.

What we seek is Microsoft Office 365 and or Dynamics CRM administrators. This work will be conducted as a volunteer staff position.

The aim is to design and fit the knowledge systems to our specific needs while working with the primary staff with reporting to the board of directors.

Pioneer Knowledge Services is excited for bringing society at large KM for the greater good.

Feeling inspired to help us? Expert assistance, donations ($ or Intellectual Property), and networks are welcome.

Please forward or post as you see fit.
Thank you.

Yours in knowledge,
Edwin K. Morris
President and Founder
Pioneer Knowledge Services