APQC would like your input: KM Benchmarks and Metrics Survey #metrics #survey #APQC

Stan Garfield

This message is from the CEO of APQC, Carla O'Dell. At her request, I am sharing it with our community.

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Get the guidance you need on prioritizing your knowledge management (KM) needs, the choices most likely to lead to success, and the impact you can expect from your investments.

Please take a moment to participate in APQC's first comprehensive KM Benchmarks and Metrics survey to learn how organizations structure and fund their KM efforts. The survey covers all aspects of KM program development, from governance, roles, and enabling technology to costs, measures, and outcomes.

Based on the data, APQC will be able to offer you even better guidance on your KM program.

Participation is completely confidential, and all respondents will receive a report summarizing the results. This is your best opportunity to find out how your KM effort stacks up against the competition and the changes you can make to ensure long-term success.