KM Job Opening at the World Bank #jobs

Stan Garfield

The following is from Margot Brown, Director of Knowledge Management at the World Bank Group:

"We are in the midst of recruiting KM staff at the World Bank to join the Global Themes KM unit.  I head this up as the Director of Knowledge Management.  We have recently recruited an experienced KM Technology lead who will be starting with us in November and we have 5 more positions to fill.  (Change management and Adoption, Content and Collaboration, Knowledge Coordinators).  I am reaching out to you to seek your help in finding the right candidate for our KM Lead role.  This individual will head up the KM business unit.  We currently have a decentralized approach to KM at the Bank and embedded KM teams sit across the organization.  It will be part of the mandate of the KM Lead to engage, develop and lead this 100-150-person stakeholder community. 


The benefits of working for the World Bank are many.  It is an organization that highly values knowledge but has not put in place a viable system or program to manage their knowledge.  Professional, experienced KMers bring new skills, abilities and perspectives to this venerable organization.  Leaders at the highest level are keen to move this agenda forward and staff at the working level want their lives to be easier.  We have spent the last year developing our KM Action Plan for the Bank.  This has been very well received and puts forward an ambitious agenda over the next 5 years to move the Bank forward in KM.


The compensation is extremely competitive.  As an international organization, internationally recruited staff do not pay income tax.   US based staff have their taxes reimbursed. For internationally recruited staff, the Bank will pay for relocation.  And there is a quarterly mobility payment of between 11 and 15% depending on the individual’s family status. Spouses and dependents receive G4 visas which allow them to work in the US.


The position is a 4-year renewable term based in Washington, DC.  Typically, staff are renewed once or twice before being declared open-ended staff.


My sense is that professional KMers don’t usually think of the World Bank as a potential place to work.   But they are very much needed.  The official title for the position is Senior KM Specialist but it will be renamed KM Program Lead.  Here is the link to the Senior KM Specialist role to apply on LinkedIn."