Greetings from Information Africa Organization Kenya #conferences #local

Nerisa Kamar

Thank you so much for the add.

My name is Nerisa Kamar - Kenyan.

Through Information Africa Organization, we have been offering KM  open &  tailored workshops from 2014.
In 2015, we held our 1st Regional Conference on knowledge Management. This is an annual conference with Africa as the target audience.

The 3ARCKM conference (22-24 Nov, Reef Hotel) was a success despite the then political uncertainties . We are hopeful for 4ARCKM 21-23 Nov 2018.

One of the recommendation was to start an African KM summit proposed by a delegate from SA. But before that, it was agreed we start Kenyan Knowledge Management Summit (borrowing form SA). Dates fixed for 24-25 May 2018, Reef hotel, Mombasa.

Kindly we are seeking for sponsors, ideas on sponsorship or reference to potential sponsors  to the great events. We will be pleased to have self sponsored  panelists for the 2 day summit .

I look forward to learning more from  members in this group .

Kind regards, Nerisa