Design Thinking for Information Professionals - 3 July - Sydney #design-thinking

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Design Thinking is a method that is increasingly used within organisations both large and small as a creative approach to dealing with ambiguity and generating new ideas through serious play. Although there are several different design thinking methods used worldwide, the Stanford’s five-step process is the one that is most commonly used for a quick but democratic way to reframe challenges and ideate solutions. Initially used for product and service design to improve user experience, it is now being used globally to ideate solutions around so-called wicked problems, using a holistic systems-thinking approach. Challenges can involve anything from societal challenges at large, to organisational challenges within a specific context.

In this hands-on workshop, you will build creative confidence through a ‘learning by doing’ approach that includes a lightning design jam and a design sprint. The overarching theme for the workshop will be sustainability for the information professions, with participants ideating around specific challenges within this theme. This workshop will cover the five phases of the Design Thinking approach: empathy, problem definition, ideation, prototyping, and testing.

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Bhuva Narayan from UTS, Ms. Larissa Silva and Ms. Angela Caro-Aristizabal from the OpenIDEO Sydney chapter, Mr. Edward Luca from the University of Sydney Library, and Ms. Farah Tan from CHOICE. Bhuva is an information researcher who teaches within the the Digital Information Management Programme at UTS, and is the Chair of the Research Advisory Committee for the Australian Library and Information Association. Bhuva also teaches the subjects Design Thinking for Social Innovation and Design Thinking for Communication Professionals at UTS. Larissa and Angie are design graduates of the UNSW School of Art & Design who are industry consultants in design thinking; Larissa is the Customer Experience Researcher at Tyro Payments and Angela is a Brand Strategist at MamaTray. Edward is Manager, Academic Services (Medicine and Health Sciences) at the University of Sydney Library. Farah is Strategic Analyst for CHOICE, a consumer advocacy group.