October 2018 San Francisco KM meeting #SF-Bay-Area

Linda Nellett

The next gathering for KM professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area will be held on Wednesday, October 3 from 2 to 3:30 pm at the Dropbox office, 333 Brannan Street, San Francisco. 

Attendees should bring something that can be discussed -- such as a recent success, a challenge, or an idea -- and to be ready to add to the dialog and help others. 

We will also have a conference line for people who want to participate but cannot attend in person. Due to company protocols, we'll need to compile a list of in-person attendees in advance and secure enough on-site hosts. 

Please reply to this message or email me at lnellett@... to indicate if you are interested in attending in person or via the conference line and you will be forwarded the details. 

Mirna Lessinger

H Linda,

I wasn't in town and missed the past gathering. Would it be possible to be added to the next gathering in October? I should be able to attend in person, my office (Okta) is pretty close to Dropbox. 


Linda Nellett

If you're interested in attending the October 3rd SF Bay Area KM networking meeting respond to this thread with your email or message me at lnellett@... so you can receive the invitation. 

There will be an option for dialing into the meeting if you cannot make it in person, so please indicate if you will be attending in person or will be dialing in. 

We're looking forward to seeing new faces at this gathering. 


Linda Nellett