Knowledge Management 102: 50 KM Components #KM101

Sahar Khanloo

Dear All,

I wonder if you have checked already the KM 50 Components gathered and created by Stan?

I did go through the content today and a bit overwhelmed on the things which we can do further.

@stan Thank you for the great source of Knowledge and sharing it :)

Looking for thoughts while KM professionals need to link all the actions to the company strategy and critical deliverable, what is your experience in prioritizing different possible components or even choosing the methodologies to be used or not within your organizations? Starting from People, system, process and culture?

Any case study or examples would be appreciated.

Best regards


Stan Garfield


The 50 KM components should be selected based on the objectives of your KM program. Here is an approach you can follow:

  1. Identify the top 3 objectives for the program, focusing on meeting the biggest needs of the organization.
  2. Determine who will participate in the program, which basic processes will be required, and how tools will support the people and processes.
  3. Articulate the end-state vision: what does KM look like when it is working well?
  4. Define the KM strategy.
  5. Specify the desired modes of knowledge flow.
  6. Define compelling use cases with clear advantages over existing alternatives.
  7. Select and implement peopleprocess, and technology components using knowledge management specialties such as information architecture, design thinking, user experience, and agile development.
  8. Improve and iterate to implement the strategy and achieve the vision.