Presentation management recommendations SharePoint 2016 #tools

Caitlin Darisse

Hello SIKM Community,


I’m trying to find a presentation management solution for my firm (similar to SharePoint Slide Libraries).  However, we have SharePoint 2016 on prem, and we are not yet on Office 365, so I don’t think the slide library is an option with our current system. 


I’d like to avoid getting a third party solution like Shufflrr if possible.  We do have enterprise, but it’s not integrated with our SharePoint platform, so I’m not sure if that would offer anything. 


Do other companies have alternatives for presentation management?  Thank you for any guidance or advice you can offer!




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Stan Garfield

Caitlin, thanks for your query.

I think you have four alternatives:
  1. Use Microsoft technology as is.
  2. Use some other company's product to supplement/complement Microsoft technology.
  3. Use some other company's product instead of Microsoft technology.
  4. Build your own custom solution.
Here are the products I found: