2020 Goal Planning Resource #strategy

Phil Verghis

How is your 2020 goal planning? Here is a free resource to help your team prioritize goals and objectives.

Still prioritizing 2020 goals?

For those of you that I have met, we likely spoke about the need for teams to think more strategically to reach long-term goals, while still rocking their day jobs. 

That’s been front-of-mind for me this week, as more and more customers reach out as they prioritize 2020 goals. Their executive teams have handed down organization-wide goals for the new year; managers are faced with reaching those goals while still providing outstanding support and service to their customers. They’re not sure where to begin.

Do you find yourself in a similar situation? Are you unclear on which pain points must be addressed first? Are you still unsure about what those pain points are? 


Klever Insight can help.


We’re giving you a gift—a free tool that will bring you clarity and direction as you close out 2019 and forge ahead into the new year. I’d like to offer you free access to our Prioritization Matrix. 


This tool will help you identify the key issues your team can address, starting today, to work more efficiently and productively. It also will help you take the first steps to create lasting impact on your company’s bottom line. 

I know that sometimes the hardest part of the transformation journey is the first few steps, when you’re getting your feet under you and setting the course. Our Prioritization Matrix can lay out your roadmap in just minutes, so click here now to get started!

You can’t reach your destination if you don’t know where you’re going. I hope this free tool helps. 

And if you need further assistance in reaching your 2020 goals, please feel free to reach out. I’m happy to discuss how I might help your organization thrive in the new year.




Phil Verghis

CEO, Klever Insight


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