VIDEOS - Digital Literacy Reconsidered #video

Matt Moore <innotecture@...>

To be 'digitally literate' is supposedly a good thing - but what does it actually mean? In this session, we will be investigating digital literacy:
- What does it mean for us as both citizens and information professionals?
- How do we handle disinformation as well as information?
- What else does it mean beyond technical skills?

Heidi Julien is Professor of Information Science at the University at Buffalo. Heidi Julien has research expertise in digital literacy (the skill set needed to access, evaluate, use and create digital information), with an emphasis on training for digital literacy. She also does research into information behavior and information practices, i.e., the ways in which people think about, search for, evaluate, interact with, manage and use information.

Amelia Johns is a Senior Lecturer in Digital and Social Media at University of Technology Sydney. Her work spans the fields of digital media and digital citizenship studies, with a focus on young people’s negotiation of racism and citizenship in digitally networked publics.