Podcast: Surveillance, Security & COVID-19 - John Bordeaux #podcast #COVID-19

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Listen here: https://infoinnouts.podbean.com/e/surveillance-security-covid-19-john-bordeaux/

John is well-known in the KM community but in this conversation draws more on some of his other skills and experiences. It ends with a meditation on death and memory that I found quite moving.

For nearly 20 years, John Bordeaux has provided research and advisory services in strategy, knowledge management, information integration, and governance for federal and private sector interests.  Bordeaux's previous positions include associate partner with IBM's Global Business Services, director for the Stupski Foundation, and a senior principal with SRA International, Inc. John served in the US air force intelligence and was formerly a lay preacher licensed by the Southern Baptist Convention and is currently licensed to conduct weddings.

- What is our current state of surveillance - by Western governments, corporations, and non-Western governments? (China, Russia)
- How does John think COVID-19 will impact the state of surveillance, privacy, etc?
- How do we face the possibility of death in a culture that is allergic to taking it seriously?
- What can we do as citizens & individuals?


Matt Moore