Another grand taxonomy effort #art-of-KM #future-of-work #taxonomy

T J Elliott

Interesting article about project of Evgeny Morozov -- The Syllabus
Two key quotes:
These taxonomies – some of which consist of 1,000 concepts – are determined automatically as well as manually. For example: the team chooses 40 important books and articles about climate change. Using special software, the content of these publications is analysed, resulting in a list of the most common content terms. The taxonomies are then refined by hand. Morozov or one of the team members conduct online research into the generated words and names, determining whether they are truly important and fit into the list."

"The Syllabus combines these two methods – comparing content with taxonomies and monitoring providers. If the system comes up with a fascinating article that matches "neoliberalism", the author and the publishing company are also included in the list of interesting sources. Or if dozens of people share that article on Twitter, the system detects this and automatically examines what other content the Twitter users have shared."

Worth a look, but this old codger -- perhaps wrongly-- suspects anything so big and grand. Yet the effort delights me because... knowledge