PODCAST: Collaboration Analytics and Remote Work - Laurie Lock Lee #podcast #COVID-19 #remote-work #collaboration #analytics

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Dr Laurie Lock Lee is the Co-founder and Chief Scientist of SWOOP Analytics. He has a multi-decade career includes roles at BHP and CSC. Laurie has a PhD researching the impact of corporate connectivity on business performance from the University of Sydney.

- Who are SWOOP Analytics and what do they do? How do you measure behaviour on enterprise social networking platforms (e.g. Yammer, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams)?
- What are good online teaming behaviours and why is reciprocity so important?
- What do we need to do in the light of COVID-19 and The Great Remote Working Experiment?
- Should the model of measurement be the Fitbit (owned and controlled by the user) or the county jail ankle monitoring ankle bracelet?

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