Remembering the Pandemic - VIDEOS #COVID-19

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Dave Snowden:
Paula Bray:
Irene Chymyn:

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented situation that states, organisations, and individuals have responded to in very different ways. In this session, we want to explore different initiatives that try to either make sense of or memorialise the pandemic:
- How can mass journaling techniques provide insight into the collective experience now?
- How can libraries use online tools and social media to capture experiences for future research?
- How are governments responding in terms of recordkeeping?

Dave Snowden is creator of the Cynefin Framework and is developing a fieldbook on crisis management with the European Union Policy Lab which will be available by the date of the seminar. He has been working extensively on the COVID emergency in a range of fields. His expertise lies in decision support, distributed ethnography and weak signal detection

Paula Bray is the DX Lab Leader at the State Library of NSW in Sydney, Australia. Paula develops, manages and promotes an award-winning team that uses existing and emerging technologies to build experiences and exhibitions online and onsite, using the Library’s collection. The DX Lab, Australia's first cultural heritage innovation lab, is a place where ideas and collaborations are explored.

Irene Chymyn is the Senior Project Officer for Government Recordkeeping at State Archives and Records Authority. She has been a records and information professional for over 20 years. She has worked in various industries – government, higher education, oil and gas, and not-for-profit organisations. She is very interested in learning about new technologies and their impact to the community.