Nancy White: Face Your Online Meeting Demons One Scribble At A Time - 13 October 2020 #remote-work #webinar

Matt Moore

Managing online meetings and remote work can be challenging and sometimes (haha, always?) anxiety-inducing. In this session, Nancy White will invite us to explore a range of Liberating Structures ( group process patterns to explore and overcome these challenges using writing, drawing and maybe even physical movement.

Please bring:
- Some A4 paper (recycled is fine - just have one side clean!)
- A pen or pencil
- A willingness to be involved

Nancy White is the founder of Full Circle Associates, her consulting practice that includes an extensive network of professionals, working in facilitation, online communities and collaboration. She is co-author with John Smith and Etienne Wenger of Digital Habitats: Stewarding Technology for Communities (CPSquare 2009). She is a frequent contributor and a past core group member of KM4Dev, a global networked community of international development practitioners who are interested in knowledge management and knowledge sharing issues and approaches, who seek to share ideas and experiences in this domain. Nancy is a leading thinker, writer, and practitioner of online facilitation (group facilitation for distributed environments).

This is a morning event to get you started for the day (if you are in the Southern hemisphere).