How are we managing the knowledge shared in this group? #expertise-location #profiles #curation

Stan Garfield

Thanks for your reply, Aprill. It reminded me to update my profile.

You can search the member directory for any topic. Click on "Directory" in the left menu and then search in the upper right.

To add your expertise to your profile, click on "Directory" and then search for your name. Click on your name in the search results and then "Edit Group Profile" at the bottom. Add any keywords that other members might use when searching for expertise, and then click on "Update Group Profile" at the bottom.

Aprill Allen

In addition to what Stan has shared, some members have also filled out their member profiles. 

if you are looking at this group via the website, you can click on the member directory to find people who may have listed their particular expertise. 

We have been piloting a community champions project to welcome new members and encourage filling out the member profiles, amongst other things. We also had plans to facilitate group sessions around KM topics. This is something we’d still like to do, and are yet to schedule any trial events.
if you would like a calendar invite to the next champions catch-up call, please let me know and I’ll include you.

thank you to Kate, Catherine, Ivan, Michael, Eva, Beth and Jamie for all your champion efforts, so far.



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Stan Garfield

Thanks for your reply, Valdis.

In this community, here a few ways to locate people who know about a particular topic:
  1. Search the messages for the topic, and then take note of which members share the most useful information in their posts and replies.
  2. Search the database of previous monthly calls to see who has presented on the topic.
  3. Search the messages for the topic, and take note of the names of others mentioned in the discussions, usually involving links to their work.
  4. Post a query: "Who knows about this topic?" or "Who can help me with this need/situation?" The replies will include both people declaring themselves able to help, and the names of other recommended individuals.
I have also been working to answer this question through my Profiles in Knowledge series. Each profile lists the specialties of the thought leader being profiled, and includes links to posts and presentations made in this community. One example is the profile I wrote about Valdis. I am currently working on the 61st article in the series.

I encourage other members to reply with their thoughts. What methods do you use to locate expertise?

Valdis Krebs

Would also be very useful to know "Who to go to for a topic".  Search and links are fine, but you often need to inquire further to match your context. "OK, I found X on Google, and a few links to it -- but what I found does not exactly match my needs/situation.  Wish I had someone to talk to about X and it's use/implementation quirks." Facts/Data/Info are fine, but I am searching knowledge/experience/wisdom -- which are housed in humans not hard drives!!!

Stan Garfield

Chuck, thanks for your post. Here are my thoughts. What do you and the other community members think?

>How are we managing the knowledge shared in this group?

There are three main ways of making discussions more findable in our community:
  1. Maintain separate threads for separate discussions. That is why I moved your query to a separate topic. You can start a new thread by clicking "New Topic" in the left menu.
  2. Use understandable and easily-searched-for topics when starting new threads. In other words, avoid topics such as "Question" or other generic or ambiguous language.
  3. Apply unique hashtags to threads. Reuse existing hashtags as much as possible. Carefully and thoughtfully create new ones when needed.
There is a searchable database containing a list of previous monthly calls with links to the summaries of each call. Most slide decks are in SlideShare or in the files of this group. Recordings since 2016 are in Twitter chat transcripts are in Wakelet. All of these are linked to in the call summaries. There are other files, photos, and a wiki that also contain content.

>Have we given any thought to cataloging it, applying any tools to make it more useful and easy to navigate?

As community manager I do the following:
  1. Maintain the monthly call database.
  2. Add hashtags to threads as needed.
  3. Merge threads as needed.
All members are welcome to help catalog and curate the content in our community. If you know of tools that can help with this, feel free to try applying them to the threaded discussions. I have exported the conversations at the request of the community champions, and I am glad to do this for others. Lee Romero has worked with the exported data, so it would be good to connect with him to learn about his experience.

Specific suggestions for helping with curation include:
  1. Search the archive of messages for important keywords and apply hashtags to make the content easier to discover.
  2. Create wiki pages for key topics with annotated lists of links to relevant threads.
  3. Publish blog posts, presentations, and articles summarizing important discussions in our community.
>There’s a lot of experience and advice buried in the thousands of emails in

There a several ways to access the knowledge stored in this community:
  1. Search messages, files, photos, databases, and the wiki.
  2. Curate content by linking to it from blogs, articles, and other sites. I do this regularly in my blog posts.
  3. Add hashtags to previous threads. I did this today with the #value hashtag by searching messages for value, ROI, impact, and "business case" and tagging the threads I found.
>Not sure if we still also have access to the Yahoo group that preceded it.

All of the content from the Yahoo group was migrated to this group and is available and searchable. I manually updated all of the links to the monthly call summaries, files, photos, and attachments. Since our community was started in 2005, the only content that is unavailable are some of the recordings for past calls that were uploaded to DivShare and lost when that service ceased operations.

Stan Garfield

I moved this out of the Emotions & KM thread so that it can have its own separate topic.

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So here’s an interesting are we “managing” the knowledge shared in this group? (other than hashtags)

 Have we given any thought to cataloging it, applying any tools to make it more useful and easy to navigate? There’s a lot of experience and advice buried in the thousands of emails in (not sure if we still also have access to the yahoo group that preceded it). 

Just wondering...thanks 

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