PODCAST: Stuart Buchanan - Digital Programming @ Sydney Opera House #podcast

Matt Moore

100% non-KM - but 1. it's not every day I get to interview some who
works @ an international icon & 2. the notion of "born digital" can be
applied to many environments...

Stuart Buchanan is a cultural programmer and curator, who seeks to
deepen our relationship with the arts through digital channels and
platforms. He has collaborated with artists and producers to devise
and deliver many award-winning digital projects, from developing one
of Scotland’s first cultural websites (for Edinburgh Fringe) through
to the current Covid-19 Digital Season for Sydney Opera House. His
work also extends to music programming, for broadcasters such as ABC
Double J and FBi Radio, and as Director of the experimental music
initiative, New Weird Australia.

Stuart talks about digital programming at Australia's most
recognizable arts institution, coping with COVID and the future of

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