Conversations That Matter #conversation

Arthur Shelley

Hi Knowledge Leaders,


Our recent conversations here reinforced my belief in the importance of visualisations as "conversation starters" to expand perspectives and creatively go beyond "the obvious" to generate new insights.


We all seem to have our own versions of such techniques we facilitate in our workshops, which highlights that the technique works. Rich associations are made when we share perspectives and constructively challenge each other, which happens so well here in SIKM Leaders.  

This article from Psychology Today provides another example of how these creative divergent conversations can help us to not JUST explore future possibilities, but build relationships as we interact around the context and shard insights/perspectives (my interpretation of the value this brings - perhaps not necessarily the key message meant by the author).  


I have previously shared a couple of techniques I refer to as "Conversations That Matter" and "Creative Friction" (deliberate constructive disagreement). Names are important as they guide how we make sense of the value of things and how we interpret what we read/observe. All my student learning support materials are called "Conversation Starters" - because they pose (perceived) questions to be explored and stimulate cocreation of possibilities, not the source of "THE Answer". This cycling of Divergence and convergence of conversations stimulates growth in comfort zones, increases adaptability and generates new knowledge (more importantly, it is a fun way to develop trust and relatinships!)

Links to Conversations That Matter and Creative Friction:


Enjoy your weekend conversations wherever they happen.
May the F2F be with you again soon.


Arthur Shelley

Founder, Intelligent Answers

Producer Creative Melbourne