VIDEOS - Digital Accessibility & Inclusion Webinar #video

Matt Moore

Simon Darcy video:
Sarah Pulis & Andrew Arch:
Laila Coulton:
Panel Discussion:

Ensuring that digital environments are accessible and inclusive for
all people is critical for fairness, justice and productivity in our
societies. This session will explore digital accessibility from the
perspectives of those with disabilities who use such services and
those who need to design them.
- How do we design inclusive online environments?
- What is it like to be disabled and use such environments?
- How has the pandemic and move to digital impacted and been impacted
by inclusion?
- How do we move beyond technical standards compliance to ensure that
people can actually use products.

Simon Darcy is a Professor at the UTS Business School, University of
Technology Sydney. He specialises in developing inclusive
organisational approaches for diversity groups and understanding the
social impact of organisations and individuals. Simon has a long
history of involvement in advocacy and volunteer boards. He was a
member of the Disability Council of NSW (2011-2015), which is the
ministerial advisory to the New South Wales Government's Department of
Family and Community Services.

Andrew Arch and Sarah Pulis from Intopia have collectively worked in
the digital accessibility and inclusion for over thirty years. They
embrace the importance of usable accessibility in delivering a more
accessible outcome for people with disability. As strong advocates for
inclusive design, they are always looking for ways to build awareness
of accessibility as part of good user experience design, and work on
strategies for how to encourage more organisations to speak with
people with lived experience.

Laila Coulton is an experienced leader who is passionate about human
centred design, digital transformation and team leadership. Having
worked predominantly in large corporate environments Laila is well
practiced at navigating complex environments and driving
organisational change. Laila has led Digital Accessibility delivery
teams and is most proud of her work in the inclusive design space. A
mum of two boys, Laila is also an advocate for part time and flexible