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Beeta Tahmassebi

Hi all,


We are a small consulting firm (in the DC area) that moved everything to the cloud last year and we are using Microsoft Office 365. We have gotten through the transition and are in implementation/uptake mode, helping people to utilize the platform and also thinking about what comes next! We are looking for someone who can bridge KM/IT for us, help us work with technical teams to optimize their use of Sharepoint/Teams/Yammer/etc. and also help with the admin center and backend management.


The JD can be found at:


Would be great to find someone who has experience supporting Office 365 solutions for organizations with people based around the world and for those that work with a lot of consultants and external partners.


Please do share if you know of someone who would be a good fit.


Thanks so much,


Beeta Tahmassebi, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

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