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Santhosh Shekar

Dear All,

Belated wishes for Christmas and advance wishes for New year 2021 !! May the new year bring a great wave of healing and prosperity to the world !!
Please find the latest Knowledgewebcast  interview series with Dr. Rachad Najjar, Global Knowledge leader, GE Renewable, December Edition !! I have enjoyed talking to him on various KM topics, I want to thank him once again on behalf of the KM community for such amazing knowledge sharing !! 

 Please do watch and reach me out if you have any similar ISO KM Standard Case/story to share !! - part 1  - Journey of Rachad !! - part 2 - Practical case of ISO KM standard implementation !!! ( Must Watch - my recommendation) - Part 3 - How to make Communities successful !!

Santhosh Shekar

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Dear All, 
Episode 1 - Nov 2020
The below link provides sources to the first episode with three parts. In this webcast, I interviewed Ian Fry, Chair, Australia Standards Committee; Director, Knoco Australia. He talks about his KM journey, KM at times of Pandemic, Bush Fire Lessons learned by Australian Government, lesson learned systems, KM Governance framework and standard, Australia's Nationwide KM, Guerrilla KM and shares many more pearls of wisdom. - YouTube Ian Interview part 1 - YouTube Ian Interview part 2 - Youtube Ian Interview part 3 - Podcast Ian Interview part 1 - Podcast Ian Interview part 2 - Podcast Ian Interview Part 3

Santhosh Shekar 

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Dear All,

I am delighted to share my first interview with Ian fry, who has 50 years of IT and KM experience combined. He speaks on various topics covering from Australian bush fire lessons, Lesson learned systems, KM standard 30401, his views and opinions on the same; KM challenges, Guariella KM etc in this part. 

Youtube Ian Fry Part-1  :

The single most purpose of creating this platform "knowledgewebcast" was to invite KM experts/executives and listen to them, on their KM journey, their views on KM standard (different school of thoughts), and also what they have to share as their learnings for the KM community !! 

Please do write to me with feedback and suggestions.

Santhosh Shekar
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Martin Dugage

Wow! Thank you Santosh. Really interesting webcasts. 
Happy new year to all of you. May the new year bring you one vaccination and a lot of happiness. 
And let me take this opportunity to thank all of you, and especially Stan for setting up this group, which is really outstanding. When I raised a question here about business cases in KM, I got MANY extremely relevant and immediate answers to my question. And I could not keep up answering all of you and I felt a little guilty about it. 
This group reminds me of the early days of the internet back in 2000 when groups could form to help each other without fearing trolls. 
Let's keep it that way. 
Warmest Regards to all of you.