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Beeta Tahmassebi

Dear SIKM friends,


Hoping you might be able to help us out. I am part of a growing international development consulting firm based in the Washington DC area. Just over a year ago we moved to the cloud with Microsoft365 and we are looking to hire someone who can help us not only oversee our use of the platform and respond to questions from team members, but also think through how to optimize our use and create a plan how we should be using/adding to the system over the coming years. Really hoping for someone with not only the tech side but also the KM and design thinking we need.


Here is the link to the open position:


We are still a relatively small business, with around 150 staff (though our team members are located around the world) and we have done the heavy lifting of migrating everyone to the platform. Now the focus is on use, optimization and planning for the future. This is an exciting role for someone who is not only able to be strategic and work with executive team members, but who also likes to roll up their sleeves and troubleshoot/work with teams throughout the organization to ensure uptake, quality control, and continuous improvement.


If you do know of anyone who may be interested, please share the link to the recruitment site.


Thank you so much!



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Stan Garfield

From Eleanor Vorys: I've been with this company for almost three years now because the environment is so wonderful - even in the time of COVID. We are a small consulting firm (in the DC area) that moved everything to the cloud in 2019 and we are using Microsoft 365. We have gotten through the transition and are in implementation/uptake mode, helping people to utilize the platform and also thinking about what comes next!


We are looking for someone who can bridge KM/IT for us, help us work with technical teams to optimize their use of SharePoint/Teams/Yammer/etc. and also help with the admin center and backend management. Would be great to find someone who has experience supporting Microsoft 365 solutions for organizations with people based around the world and for those that work with a lot of consultants and external partners.