Columbia University Info and Knowledge Strategy program info session #learning

Brett Patron

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For those seeking an interesting and challenging approach to studying applications of knowledge - one with both strong academic underpinning and immediate, real-world applications - please consider this program.

On Wed Feb 10 [6pm Eastern] Beth Semaya, Ph.D. will be hosting an online info session. Presenting will be a trio of IKNS perspectives, including one of my mentors Ed Hoffman and one of my Cohort classmates Naureen Aziz - all of whom are compelling.

Knowledge Management, and the associated disciplines regarding information and data, are rapidly evolving and increasing in value, especially in this COVID environment. Understanding that impact, and how to help organizations realize that value, is a critical capability.

The IKNS program could be the catalyst for a new career path, provide some useful perspectives to enhance your current management, business, or government role or, like for me, bolster your current or burgeoning KM career pursuits.

Veterans, Columbia University does an excellent job of incorporating and supporting you. GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program cover virtually all expenses, so there was very little "out-of -pocket". 

I hope you will sign up and attend this session.
Event Date – Wednesday, Feb 10
Time – 6pm EST
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