My new KM book released #books

Santhosh Shekar

Dear all,

Being a First time author, it gives me great pleasure to share that my new Book "Design Knowledge Management System"-A practical guide for implementing ISO 30401 KMS standard ;  has been released recently and now available on all Amazon platforms excluding India. 

I want to thank all of those who have supported me in my authorship journey directly and indirectly. I also want to thank all the KM gurus in this field who have influenced me !!  

A brief note on the book :
It provides a step by step guide to KM Novice or somebody who wants to align their KM programs based on ISO KM tenants ! It provides the most practical ways of doing KM, designing KM Framework, tool kits, KM methods/approaches etc. The book contains models on "world of Knowledge Constraints", practical Use cases, appendices with standard preparation checklist, key concepts, taxonomy references etc.  It's purely based on practical world-view of everyday examples, in simple english.

Please write to me if you need any further information on the book.

Santhosh Shekar
whatsapp - +919632893411