Local KM Communities in Houston and New York #local

john_mcquary <john.mcquary@...>

I personally don't mind receiving these messages. It puts a little
peer pressure on the rest of us.

Anyone in the Houston area want to get together? - probably need to
start another thread on this.

Also, I'm in the Boston area a few times each year. If my schedule
coincides with a group get together, I'd like to know about it and join

I've never used the calendar in Yahoo groups. Is this a feature we
could use?

- John

Peter Dorfman <pdorfman@...>

Is there a significant New York/Philly contingent? I'm about halfway between.

Peter Dorfman

Lee, Jim <jlee@...>

John, et al,


I’m in Houston occasionally, and would always love interaction with a professional society oriented group while in town. When we attempted to create such a group in the Cleveland, OH area in the past, while it was short lived, it served a small, but active community.



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