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Dominic Doyle

Dear Community,

I wonder if anyone has managed a move from JIVE to Microsoft 365? I would be interested in learning more about your experiences. 

We use JIVE here at the European Commission as internal communication, community and knowledge sharing platform but are gradually introducing M365 and its myriad of apps. We are currently looking at both tools to see what are the advantages and disadvantages of both with a view to phasing out JIVE. Culturally we are a long way from where we need to be to take advantage but any insights or experiences would be very welcome.



Dennis Pearce

I didn't exactly manage a move from one to the other, but for 6 years I was the Jive admin and community manager for Lexmark (about 12,000 employees worldwide), then changed jobs and for the last two years have been deploying M365 at Start Early, a U.S. nonprofit of about 350 employees.  At Lexmark we used Jive for team collaboration, org-wide collaboration, and intranet sites. What I find with M365 is that those capabilities are split among SharePoint, Yammer, and Teams, so it makes it harder to train people on how to use them.  Here at Start Early, we weren't really happy with Yammer so we never turned it on, and instead added another package (in our case Unily) to provide more of the org-wide social intranet capability.

There are many Jive ex-customers and ex-employees who mourn its acquisition by Aurea, because they pretty much drained the life out of it. It has some really unique collaboration features that I haven't been able to find anywhere else, such as its "structured outcomes" -- the ability to tag parts of a discussion as the place where a decision was made, task assigned, final, etc.  It seemed to have found a pretty good sweet spot between the heavily document and page focused intranet tools and the pure social discussion forum or activity streaming tools.

M365 is a lot stronger on the document management side than Jive, which if I recall doesn't even have folders.  And the fact that Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint folders can easily sync with the user's desktop is a big selling point at my current organization.  But I find that getting folks to collaborate online instead of through email requires a lot more handholding and explanation than it did with Jive.

The Community Roundtable and the Chicago Online Community Professionals group both have lots of members with Jive experience who have moved to other platforms, including M365.  The Community Roundtable costs money to join, but the COCP is free (don't let the name bother you -- it was originally a group of Jive customers and employees who lived in Chicago but now has members from around the world).

Community Roundtable:
Chicago Online Community Professionals:

Dennis Pearce


I worked for Jive with customers on post-sale implementation planning and execution, helping them set it up and train their staff. It sounds like the EC has already made a firm commitment to M365, and is exploring collaboration options to replace Jive. 

Personally, if you’re not evaluating Slack and how that might fit into your needs, I’d strongly suggest taking a look at it. I’m involved in a global NGO effort right now that is using a combination of Slack, Trello, and Google Drive to coordinate a complex, global effort involving scores fo people across a couple of dozen different work streams. Pretty impressive. 


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