Looking for a KM person for a new online community #jobs

Christopher Johannessen <christopher.johannessen@...>

Howdy all!

This is me on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisjohannessen/ 

I have one of those unadvertised roles you hear about sometimes :)

I'm looking for someone, US based (or US time zone based), with practical KM experience such as:
- Community facilitation
- Community growth and adoption
- Driving engagement for communities, driving social sharing and knowledge sharing
- Community metrics (perhaps a touch, too, of workflow metrics, technology adoption or even process mining)
- Community, technology and data literacy skills (can create training, help keep an eye on a learning management system that is integrated with the community)
- Practical community management is key
- Bonus points: the ability to facilitate with developers, analysts and leaders who use data or analytics tools (this is for an analytics / data focused community that is used at a large organization)

Happy to make time to discuss, send me a note 1x1 (ideally with a LinkedIn link and perhaps even a resume) at:



Chris Johannessen
Digital Transformation Strategist
Axis Group