KM System transport sector related documents request #request

Wendwesen Endale

Dear All.
This is Wendwesen from Ethiopia and we are preparing a document / training resources about KMS application and potential systems in our transport sector .
I am wondering if anyone can share with me any resources in relation to KMS in the transport sector in any way possible.
Wish to hear from you soon and thank you very much.

Regards !
Wendwesen Endale (Msc)
Special Assistant to the Academic Vice President 
Lecturer , School of Information Science
Addis Ababa University
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"At the end of the day , at the end of the week , and at the end of my life , i want to be able to say i CONTRIBUTED more than i Criticized." Dr Brene Brown 

Robert M. Taylor

Wendwesen, hi. I'm not a transport sector specialist, I've only done a little work in airports and roads. I'd say it's just a particular industry which involves knowledge and people and processes and KM would be as beneficial there as anywhere. If you search Google Scholar with " transport "knowledge management" " you'll find quite a lot to start with. Can you say more to define your interest? For example is it infrastructure or operation, aviation, maritime, road etc?  From the little I know I'd say that some aspects of transport operation are tending more to big data applications. For instance, motorways have hidden complexity. The UK motorway system is not just thousands of miles of paving, it's also thousands of structures (bridges, gantries, tunnels, drainage), and the major route for data comms cabling. It goes over many different surfaces and it's structures have many different kinds of materials, ages and conditions. Its usage varies. So there's a lot to know about and decisions to be made, for example about maintenance of the network. The lots to know about bit is somewhat a big data issue, but the decision making will call on the knowledge of many different people. This is interesting: :