Knowledge management system types in Public Institutions #question

Wendwesen Endale

Dear Teams.
We as a team, are working towards knowledge management experiences Benchmarking activity to get types of Knowledge management tools and systems applied in Public Governmental Institutions.
We appreciate it if anyone recommends resources and links to any public institutions Knowledge management systems aware of.
Thank you in advance !

Stan Garfield

Gordon Vala-Webb

Having worked in the public sector (and quasi-public sector) including building a KM program, I'd suggest that KM tools / systems aren't different there.

They are related to the nature of the business problem that you are trying to solve (e.g. a call centre's KM problems are the same whether it is public or private; complex knowledge work is the same whether it is lawyers in a law firm or policy advisors in Cabinet Office).

Gordon Vala-Webb
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