Migration Assistance Services #content-management

Maureen Mason


Currently planning a new intranet and will need to review and migrate content from Confluence, among other sources. While our new intranet vendor may be able to help with this process I am also exploring engaging with a vendor specifically for this task.  Do people have recommendations for vendors who can assist with content review and migration?


Stan Garfield

Maureen Mason

Hi Stan, 

Thanks for the links Stan, that is very helpful. 

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Jaye Lapachet

There are a couple of consultants in the SF Bay KM Meetup group who may be able to help or may be able to recommend vendors.

Ask  your software vendor if they have 'connectors' that connect their implementation to your old repositories. It might alleviate the need for immediate migration.

Jaye Lapachet

Retha Prinsloo

Hi Maureen, although I cannot recommend a vendor, I'd like to recommend that you map the metadata as soon as possible (if not done already).

Ï like to ensure that the 'minimum commonality' is captured to ensure this is migrated (if possible), e.g. Title must be populated to Title field in the new repository, Author to author field, Create date to create date, Document type to document type! etc. When you want to ensure new metadata in the new repository, it may be worth creating it on the old system already to migtate it to the new, or to create 'placeholders' for it.

I'm speaking from experience with SharePoint. For one solution, the programmer used my mapped metadata to render a catalogue of learning courses, incl. an active link to the learning platform. The course directory was thus searchable on SP end the user could just click through to the learning platform to register if they wanted to do so. (The course detail was exported from the learning platform, imported into a SP 'list' and then rendered via the bespoke interface).

I hope thïs unsolicited input is useful 😊