Survey on Ethical aspects of knowledge management #survey

Patrick Lambe

Dear colleagues and friends in knowledge and information management! I have been doing some work on ethical aspects of knowledge management, and I want to understand how practitioners see their KM/IM roles, especially in relation to (a) knowledge exploitation, (b) our sphere of influence, and (c) ethical principles or codes of practice.

I have posted a fairly substantial survey (estimated 25 minutes) with some statements that are intended to provoke reflection. I would very much appreciate your responses - anyone who wants to receive the report, please leave your email contact in the survey (your responses will be anonymous).

Please also share this across your own networks! Many thanks in advance.


Patrick Lambe
Straits Knowledge

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Jaye Lapachet

Hi Patrick,
I come from a library background to KM and we have a strong code of ethics in the various organizations (SLA, AALL, ALA). I have always worked hard to adhere to those codes of ethics. The ALA version can be found at:

Jaye Lapachet