Quantifying (or storytelling) the value of Sanitizing #content-management #value

Tammy Bearden

For your organizations that have document sanitization practices, how have you demonstrated the value?

How have you staffed up for it?

Are you using tools to aid in the process? If yes, which ones do you like? 

Thank you! I will combine responses with my desktop research and our conversations to share back with all.

Tammy Bearden

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Stan Garfield

Reply in Twitter from Brett Patron: What do you mean by document "sanitizing"?

Robert M. Taylor

Guessing that this means how do you prepare a document intended for a specific audience for sharing with a wider audience, when confidential, private, privileged, sensitive and copyright (etc) information that cannot be shared beyond the original audience has to be removed. I find this is not a routine process for all or even many documents, and instead is done exceptionally, and is best and quickest done by a competent person within the original audience who would be knowledgeable about what could be shared more widely, what not.

Stan Garfield

I am hoping that one or more members can reply to Tammy's query.  If you have thoughts about this, please respond. Thanks a lot.