Access to SlideShare Documents #Special

Robert M. Taylor

Stan, I love that you are so diligent and thorough about everything. I'd be happy if others said that about me. KM cannot work without diligent, competent and agreeable people - but together, like that, we can do much./R

Stan Garfield

For many years, SlideShare has been the platform this community uses to make presentations available for the monthly calls. SlideShare was sold by LinkedIn (owned by Microsoft) to Scribd, and recently there have been changes to the accessibility of content within the platform.

During the May monthly call, Eli Miron informed me that the slides could not be downloaded from SlideShare, but could be read online. This was not obvious to me, because as the account holder, I could download them. But others could not.

Today I noticed that I could no longer read SlideShare presentations uploaded by other accounts without subscribing to Scribd for $11.99 per month. After investigating, I learned that each SlideShare account holder has to individually change their account settings to allow others to read slideshows without subscription.

I changed this setting for the SIKM SlideShare account. All content I uploaded using that account should be accessible to anyone. Please let me know privately at stangarfield@... if you are having difficulty reading any SlideShare files. Downloading is not available to those who are not Scribd subscribers or the account holder who uploaded the file. Given the new more restrictive policies of Scribd, I plan to share future SIKM presentations using Microsoft OneDrive.

Some of the previous presentations are in the accounts of individuals, and these won't be accessible until each account holder makes the same changes to their content settings. If you have a SlideShare account, please change your account settings to allow your content to continue to be accessed. See below for a screenshot of how to do this. Even though it says "Allow users to read and download your slideshows without a subscription," this option only allows reading, not downloading, by non-subscribers.