Benchmark of KM methodology and tools in Fintech companies #peer-assist #methods #tools

Tami Dubi

Hi everyone,
For the past year I am Rapyd's Global knowledge manager. Rapyd is a fast growing fintech company that provides payment services. I am looking for knowledge managers from the fintech industry to benchmark regarding methodologies and tools. 
I know that KM is relevant regardless the industry and companies type, but specifically for this benchmark I need to focus on the Fintech industry.

Tom Olney

Hi, Tami. I work for PSCU, a payments processing company that serves primarily Credit Unions (and expanding into community banks). I'm down to share benchmarking on KM methods and tools.

Curtis Conley

Hi all, I lead the KM function at Blend - would be happy to discuss as well. Recently presented this update on the SIKM call re: the big initiatives we're taking on in year 1 of our KM journey-