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Bahar Salimova

Hi everyone,


I am working with a team who needs to analyze large volumes of qualitative data quickly. It would have been ideal to use Nvivo, but it is an expensive option. Has anyone used an open source qualitative data analysis tool? Maybe Taguette or anything else?


Many thanks for your suggestions in advance,





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Stan Garfield

Bahar, thanks for your post.

Can anyone reply to Bahar?  Thanks!


Hi Bahar, 

I'm using Orange software, it's visual programming - no need for coding. You can always add "add-on" for specific applications. For example, i added the "text analysis" as add-on to do text mining. A lot of universities have developed their own "add-ons" and they are open source. 


Thank you

Jennilyn Wiley


I was planning to use Taguette ( for my personal research but AU Libraries ended up purchasing NVivo. At this point, it is still the one I would try if I needed to go the free/open source route. I have heard from others who used Taguette that it works well when you have multiple users coding in the same project.

I am also linking to my LibGuide on NVivo. If you go to "Alternatives to NVivo," there are links to a number of evaluations of various CAQDAS (Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software) packages that may help. When I taught NVivo in a bootcamp for graduate students, I got a lot of questions as to the various options out there so I had to familiarize myself with them. Hope this helps:

Jennilyn Wiley
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