January, 2023 SIKM Call: Mark Britz - The impact of organizational design on knowledge sharing #monthly-call #knowledge-sharing

Stan Garfield

Today we held our 209th monthly call. Thanks to Mark for presenting, to those who spoke up and posted in the chat, and to all those who attended. Please continue the discussion here by replying to this thread. Here are the details of the call,
  • January 17, 2023 SIKM Call: Mark Britz - The impact of organizational design on knowledge sharing #monthly-call #knowledge-sharing
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Group Chat

*Heather Fox*, 1/17/2023 8:13 AM: "We love our tools?"

*Heather Fox*, 1/17/2023 8:13 AM: Access to nature/natural world

*Bruno Sophia*, 1/17/2023 8:14 AM: Longing to get out

*Bruno sophia*, 1/17/2023 8:14 AM: Vitamin D (Sun)

*Monica Henao-Calad*, 1/17/2023 8:14 AM: light, sun, nature

*Heather Fox*, 1/17/2023 8:25 AM: Experimentation

*Heather Fox*, 1/17/2023 8:35 AM: You also see this when mapping an organization's processes.

*Stan Garfield*, 1/17/2023 8:36 AM: Turning Goals into Results: The Power of Catalytic Mechanisms by Jim Collins

*Barbara Fillip*, 1/17/2023 8:48 AM: Thank you! Useful insights.

*Anna Cangialosi*, 1/17/2023 8:48 AM: Thank you!

*Eugene Victorov*, 1/17/2023 8:49 AM: That was extremely interesting, than you!

*Bruno Sophia*, 1/17/2023 8:49 AM: Thank you, great session.

*Adriaan Jooste*, 1/17/2023 8:49 AM: Very interesting - thanks so much.

*Eli Miron*, 1/17/2023 8:49 AM: where can we get Sobo?

*Heather Fox*, 1/17/2023 8:49 AM: Thanks Mark-lots of food for thought.

*Eugene Victorov*, 1/17/2023 8:50 AM: Could you elaborate on the SNA bot, please? What's the AI part of analysis?

*Monica Henao-Calad*, 1/17/2023 8:50 AM: Thank you for Mark, I enjoyed your presentation and it will be so useful for me as a teacher and consultant

*Connie Smith*, 1/17/2023 8:50 AM: Thank you! Storytelling to improve engagement and understanding of what changes the organization wants to address is also very helpful to get all on board, do you find that helps in the transition to change?

*Nas Christakos*, 1/17/2023 8:52 AM: https://www.innovisor.com/

*Monica Henao-Calad*, 1/17/2023 8:54 AM: Who is the author that you mentioned when you talked about Real Learning?

*Connie Smith*, 1/17/2023 8:54 AM: Thank you Nas, interesting.

*Monica Henao-Calad*, 1/17/2023 8:55 AM: ok thank you

*Curtis Conley*, 1/17/2023 8:57 AM: Thank you - much appreciated!

*Monica Henao-Calad*, 1/17/2023 8:57 AM: Thanks  Mark and Stan

Stan Garfield

This is a reminder of tomorrow's monthly call from 11 am to 12 noon EST

  • January 17, 2023 SIKM Call: Mark Britz - The impact of organizational design on knowledge sharing #monthly-call #knowledge-sharing
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