Invitation to join Cyber Skills Journal Focus Group Dialog Jan 11th #collaboration #leadership

Dana Winner

I would like to invite members of this group and anyone you know who is interested in the topic to join a Focus Group that I am forming under the auspices of National Cyber Watch, Cyber Skills Journal (see ). I conducted a similar and related Dialogue some months ago which will soon be published in an upcoming CSJ issue.  


The dialogue is currently scheduled for January 11th morning EST, afternoon GMT, and later afternoon GMT+3 (my time zone). The Focus Group that I am forming will conduct a dialogue on the topic:


Cybersecurity team diversity pros and cons: How to ensure the benefits of diversity in cybersecurity

I am focused on applying Knowledge Assets Risk Management Approach to cybersecurity and vice versa, applying Cybersecurity RM and actions to KM. I call this Cybersecurity KARMA. I want to shift our cyber-fate from cybercrime and cyberwar to cyberspace by a focus on our Knowledge Assets Development and Management. One small part of this focus is the topic of this Focus Group Dialogue.


I would welcome some experts from this community to be members of the panel, please respond here or contact me directly if you are interested to partipate: dana@... More info about the planned dialog:


PROBLEM STATEMENT: It has become a mantra that cybersecurity workforce requires more diversity in order to be more effective. Recruitment of women and minorities is a focus of some working groups that are tasked with supporting the diversification of the cybersecurity workforce. However, it is not as widely explained what the exact problem is that must be overcome, what the precise benefits are, and how to know when the benefits have been achieved. Diversification is different in different cultural situations, especially in different countries, There is a need for a diversification guide or even a framework that fits all cultural conditions.



  • What exactly is the problem with lack of diversification of the cybersecurity workforce? Is there evidence of a problem that could be solved by more diversity?


  • What exactly is the goal of diversification? i.e. What are the metrics? How much diversity is needed in order to reach the objective?


  • How can diversity be managed such that it adds value rather than being so disruptive as to discount effectiveness? How is the transformation from monocultural into multicultural and then to intercultural achieved without experiencing disastrous disruptions?


  • How do we define job descriptions such that diversity is supported while not supporting gender or racial discrimination or what is sometimes referred to as reverse discrimination/affirmative action?


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